Positions Vacant Video For Hell's Kitchen Farm Project
We have started working with the Hell's Kitchen Farm Project, a rooftop farm in the middle of New York City, documenting an overview with video and stills and developing a Postions Vacant video for YouTube and Facebook.
  Preusser Realty Orders New Welcome Video
A new Welcome Video for Preusser Realty will feature on camera spots with Nora Preusser with visuals of the area, the rural life, the Main Street charm, the Husdon River etc. The finished video will be used as a mail out promo piece and will also be promoted via YouTube and Facebook etc
  Two New PSAs Focus on Arts Education and Poverty in NYC
Developing a PSA video re music education in schools with Jazzman Willie Gee. Shooting spots in Central Park and visuals of Carnegie Hall, Julliard, Lincoln Center, and notable Village venues.
As well as the PSA for music education in schools, we are also developing content for one aimed at poverty in New York. Mostly shooting at the Sylvia Rivera Food Pantry at MCCNY on 36th st and incorporating selected viuals from both the depressed and opulent parts of Manhattan.
  OSHO Restaurant Orders Happy Birthday Promo Video
Lots of tableside fireworks at Osho Restaurant up in Poughkeepsie for this promo video now being wrapped. The usual Happy Birthday celebration takes on a whole new feel with the belting of Japanese gongs echoing throughout.
  News Shorts for Occupy Wall St & Harlem Street Ceremony
Ongoing capture of footage from the Occupy Wall St protests are being incorporated into an highlights piece for future release or licence.
Family members, friends, council members and congressmen turned out on a sunny day in Harlem for the street naming ceremony honoring Phil Reed. 111th st at 1st Avenue is now Philip Reed Way. We are planning a short piece on the event.
  Neighborhood Videos for WHAT ABOUT NEW YORK
What About New York has ordered a series of 30 sec and 60 sec New York City neighborhood video shorts that capture the vibe and notable characteristics of each area. Project will entail both tripod and hand held setups and involve both day and night shooting.
  Testimonials Filmed for MessageLabs in London and Sydney
Interview - Welcome Video - Demonstration - Showcase - Event/News Clip - Short Subject

Testimonials for MessageLabs HD from John Phelps on Vimeo.

A series of interviews to support MessageLabs services - Activision - Major League Soccer - B&H Photo Video
Activision: 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' Day One Sales Reach Record $400 Million in North America, U.K.

Promotional piece for Actor's School
Artist Movie Launch and Gallery Show - New York
Grand Lux Commercial
A Property Walk-thru w/ Voiceover by Realtor